Welcome to St. Andrew’s Senior Public School:  Home of Spartan Spirit.   

We have approximately 350 students in Grades 7 – 8 who come to us from three feeder schools in our community of South Cambridge: Blair, Highland, and Tait Public Schools. We are very excited to have our newest Spartans join our returning students this school year! 


“Our goal is to build and support a caring community of learners.”

Our guiding principles…….

Spartans REACH

R esilient

  • Failure leads to success

E ngaged

  • Be in the moment

A ccountable

  • Own your actions

C onsiderate

  • Thinking about the rights and feelings of others

H elpful

  • It starts with you

St. Andrew’s is a safe, positive, and productive learning community that promotes respect and consideration for all its members. We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity – staff and students alike. We believe that fairness isn’t giving each child the same things; rather, it is giving each child what he or she needs in order to achieve success.

We look forward to working in partnership with you!