St. Andrew’s Senior Public School – Home of the Spartans

Welcome to St. Andrew’s Senior Public School!! 

St. Andrew’s is a fabulous senior public school, with just over 300 students in Grade 7 and 8. We are a dual track school, so at each grade level we have both French Immersion classes and English classes where students take core French.

There is something for everyone at St. Andrew’s!! If you like sports, there will be a team or extracurricular activity for you! If you like to help others and/or have a strong concern for social justice or the environment, there will be a club for you!! Maybe you’ll want to help us plant a new garden this year? Or work in our Tuck Shop to sell food items to students? Or maybe you love music and you’ll want to be on our assembly crew or be a performer at one of our fabulous shows? We look forward to finding out what you love and helping you go further.

At St. Andrew’s we believe in the values and power of R.E.A.C.H.

Resilient – failure leads to success.

Engaged – be in the moment.

Accountable – own your actions.

Considerate – think about the rights and feelings of others.

Helpful – it starts with you.

We are a phone-free school because phones are a distraction from learning. All students have access to a WRDSB Chromebook so your phone should be left at home, or placed in your backpack and locked in your locker.

We look forward to learning and laughing with you!!

The St. Andrew’s staff