Conduct expectations are outlined in the student planner and below.


“Our goal is to build and support a caring community of learners.”


Spartans REACH

R esilient

  • Failure leads to success

E ngaged

  • Be in the moment

A ccountable

  • Own your actions

C onsiderate

  • Thinking about the rights and feelings of others

H elpful

  • It starts with you

St. Andrew’s is a safe, positive, and productive learning community that promotes respect and consideration for all its members. We believe that everyone should be treated with dignity – staff and students alike. We believe that fairness isn’t giving each child the same things; rather, it is giving each child what he or she needs in order to achieve success.


The following are acceptable behaviours for the members of St. Andrew’s School community, which include students, teachers, staff, volunteers, and parent/guardians.  This applies to time spent at school, all off-campus trips, and the time spent travelling to and from school. Members are encouraged to make appropriate choices and exercise self-discipline by following these expectations:

  •       attend school on a regular basis
  •       arrive to school and to classes on time
  •       prepare to work to the best of your ability
  •       act responsibly with respect to school rules and routines
  •     demonstrate respect and consideration (both verbally and in actions) for others, including other students, teachers, support staff, supply teachers, and volunteers
  •    respect school property as well as the property of others, our neighbours and the St. Andrew’s community at large
  •    be inclusive, welcoming and accepting of one another’s strengths and differences


Appropriate behaviour will be acknowledged, is appreciated, and thought to be a minimum standard for our community.  The staff of St. Andrew’s  recognize student achievement and positive behaviour.

Bullying and harassment affect everyone. These behaviours include uninvited remarks, gestures, touching, or actions of a nature, including use of technology,  that make a person feel unsafe, excluded, unwelcome or uncomfortable.  These behaviours will not be tolerated at St. Andrew’s by any member of our community.

The staff at St. Andrew’s will communicate why some behaviour might be inappropriate in terms of the expectations of the school and/or community.  One or more of the following consequences may be chosen as part of the learning process and progressive supports

  •  student-staff meeting/conference •  detentions
  •   support for the student   loss of privileges
  •  development of a behaviour plan             
  • suspension
  •  involvement of parents/guardians  
  • involvement of police
  •  restorative justice measures                       
  • expulsion from school
  •  involvement of community agencies
  •  requirement to leave and/or change to more suitable clothing
  •  confiscation of inappropriate items, including phones & personal devices
  •  School-based Team and Multidisciplinary Team


We look forward to working in partnership with you!